10 Best Outdoor Storage Sheds for your Backyard

outdoor storage shed in garden

If you’ve been living in your current home for more than a few years, you’ll probably be battling the accumulation of junk that quickly eradicates any form of free space and storage you may have in your garage and garden.

Even worse if you don’t have a shed at all, but do own or maintain a small garden, you will more than likely have a decent set of garden tools, bikes or lawn-mower in need of storage.

Building your own shed or form of storage is an expensive and troublesome road to go down, and can end up costing upwards of $3000 for a modest wooden shelter. Not to mention unforeseen builders’ costs and fees.

The easiest way to utilize more storage is to use an Outdoor Storage Shed or otherwise known as an Outdoor Storage Unit.

They are significantly cheaper than a self-made one and still offer ample storage space with durable protection from the elements.

Best Value and Quality Pick
Lifetime 6405 8 by 10-Foot Outdoor Storage Shed with Window, Skylights, and Shelving
Best Close Match Alternative
Suncast BMS8700 Tremont 8' x 7' Storage Shed
Best Smaller Shed Option
Suncast BMS6310D Shed, 6-Feet by 3-Feet
Lifetime 6405 8 by 10-Foot Outdoor Storage Shed with Window, Skylights, and Shelving
Suncast BMS8700 Tremont 8' x 7' Storage Shed
Suncast BMS6310D Shed, 6-Feet by 3-Feet
Best Value and Quality Pick
Lifetime 6405 8 by 10-Foot Outdoor Storage Shed with Window, Skylights, and Shelving
Lifetime 6405 8 by 10-Foot Outdoor Storage Shed with Window, Skylights, and Shelving
Best Close Match Alternative
Suncast BMS8700 Tremont 8' x 7' Storage Shed
Suncast BMS8700 Tremont 8' x 7' Storage Shed
Best Smaller Shed Option
Suncast BMS6310D Shed, 6-Feet by 3-Feet
Suncast BMS6310D Shed, 6-Feet by 3-Feet



What Can I use an Outdoor Storage Shed for?

Not only for garden tools, due to the various sizes available on the market, but they are also a great option for storing motorcycles, lawnmowers, garbage cans or compost. I’ve also seen friends use them as a separate washing area, installing a washer and dryer combo in their portable shed. With the larger ones, a ‘she-shed’ or ‘man-cave’ are also fun choices, creating your own space for your hobbies, in a peaceful quiet area of the garden. Ah, peace at last.


What are Outdoor Storage Sheds made of?

The materials and design directly affect the price. Outdoor storage sheds come in a wide range of materials such as wooden, plastic, resin, vinyl and metal. Features such as windows, porches, shelves, sliding doors, and utility hooks are desirable extras that will improve the experience, yet will also bump up the price. Enough spiel, let’s dig into the best outdoor storage sheds available on today’s market.


10 Best Outdoor Storage Shed Reviews

1. Lifetime 10 x 8 Storage Shed

Lifetime 10 x 8 Storage Shed


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Size: 10 x 8 ft

Storage Capacity: 500 Cubic Ft

An elongated storage shed from Lifetime here with rectangular dimensions, providing a 10-foot wide construction with over 500 cubic feet of storage space. 

This particular model has an evident focus on security and stability, with shatterproof polycarbonate windows, 10-year warranty and lockable steel-reinforced doors. 

With great value also, it includes numerous skylights to keep the interior well lit and 4 corner shelves for each corner, to store your small equipment. 

The model has 2 designs, single entry and double entry, we prefer the double as if you’re working in the garden, in and out of the shed, opening both doors up allows huge air circulation while working inside. 

Vents are also positioned near the ground floor so even if you have 1 set of doors open, or when it’s closed, moisture won’t build up and cause an issue. 


2. Suncast Tremont Storage Shed

Suncast Tremont Storage Shed


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Size: 8 x 10 ft

Storage Capacity: 574 Cubic Ft

A huge storage shed from Suncast here with the Tremont model with 8×10 ft dimensions and packing close to 600 cubic feet of storage space. 

As it’s so big, you are able to store larger tools with elongated handles like spades, rakes, brooms and also any lawnmower and waste bins you may have in the garden, still with enough room to move around inside. 

Multiple windows on the front double doors provide sufficient lighting in the daytime, for evenings a light is easy to attach internally with a hook or velcro. 

Unlike the Keter this does include some shelves and they aren’t sold separately like most models on the market, corner shelves to be exact which slot into the corners and can hold some smaller objects like cans, canisters, weedkiller, etc.

The floor is insanely strong and has been reinforced, they boast it’s strong enough to hold the weight of a tractor, so I wouldn’t bank on it getting damaged anytime soon.  


3. Lifetime 8 x 15 Storage Shed

Lifetime 8 x 15 Storage Shed


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Size: 8 x 15 ft

Storage Capacity: 1120 Cubic Ft

The largest storage unit in our list today, the 8 x 15 ft beast from Lifetime is perfect for any worksman or hobby enthusiast. Making an excellent workshop, studio for painting/photography or simply maximum storage with over 1100 cubic feet of space. 

Due to the size, the sky is the limit, you could even fit bikes, quads, lawnmowers and the like in here, plus waste bins and all your gardening gear. 

The maximum internal height is 94 inches, 7.8 feet, so even sasquatch himself can get in here and move around freely. 

Some more key features are the convenient shelving system, making it a simple task to attach shelving units along the sidewalls, equally to attach lighting and fans to roof latches are a breeze. 

The doors are lockable and have reinforced steel protection and a hasp is integrated to attach a padlock or chain, whichever method you like to secure, it is compatible. 

Also capable of withstanding 65mph wind speeds and the floor has been designed to combat slipping, so no need to worry if you are traipsing in wet or mud during a rainy garden day, you won’t be slipping up on your way out. 


4. Suncast Cascade Storage Shed

Suncast Cascade Storage Shed


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Size: 6 x 3 ft

Storage Capacity: 206 Cubic Ft

A tidy little storage shed from Suncast, the Cascade 6 x 3 is a good choice for those who don’t require a vast amount of space, but somewhere to store your bikes, ladders and gardening equipment. 

As it’s Suncast, it will benefit from the multi-wall panels that are evident in all of their models, from Everett to Tremont and Cascade. 

2 windows are situated on the front, integrated into each of the double doors. Each window with 6 small window panels, providing ample sunlight to pass through. 

The door opening is 60 inches wide with a 72-inch height, which is 6-foot head height, not bad for a compact shed.

Additionally, a padlock hasp is included and will allow you to apply extra security to the structure. 


5. Arrow Newburgh Storage Shed

Arrow Newburgh Storage Shed


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Size: 8 x 6 ft

Storage Capacity: 230 Cubic Ft

A legitimate metal storage shed here from Arrow with a massive 12-year limited warranty and economical price tag, let’s check some of its features out. 

Manufactured with galvanized steel which has been treated with Zinc, vastly improving its resistance to continual bad weather effects, such as rust, corrosion and peeling. 

The treatment stretches farther, with an additional UV coating which not only prevents damage from the sun’s heat over time, but also stops rot and insects interestingly. 

The sliding door is lockable and the roof is made of reinforced steel, so thieves won’t easily get in through the front or the top.

Another note is the aesthetic, due to the eggshell theme color, it blends well with most buildings, which allows it to be used in a variety of locations. 


6. Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Shed

Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Shed


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Size: 7 x 7 ft

Storage Capacity: 574 Cubic Ft

Rubbermaid is a household name and specializes in making some quality plastic storage sheds, with a huge range of designs and sizes. 

The  7 x 7 model offers huge storage capacity for its size, thus providing excellent value for the price. 

The Roughneck shed line has been manufactured with a double-wall and impact-resistant floor design, these 2 features alone improve the strength of the construction, resulting in a more durable shed. 

An important feature is that it is actually lockable, a standard thing I agree yet some models don’t even have a loop or hook for a padlock or chain to slide through. It’s the little things that count when we are protecting our assets, and Rubbermaid has not forgotten to include this added security. 

Vents are located at the rear of the structure and provide a fair amount of airflow for circulation, and the 2 windows allow natural light to enter the shed from the front. 


7. Lifetime Shed 8 x 10 

Lifetime Shed 8 x 10 


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Size: 8 x 10 ft

Storage Capacity: 500 Cubic Ft

Lifetime is one of the biggest names in outdoor products and has designed its own line of outdoor storage units, that have an impressive range of sizes. This is large, but one of their smaller ones in the grand scheme of things. 

Packed full of features, its no wonder this has become one of the best selling models online and in physical stores alike. 

Made and manufactured in the U.S.A, it’s primarily a heavy-duty plastic but it does have a steel A-Frame roof truss and the wall lining has been reinforced with steel. So although a plastic storage unit, it has been handsomely reinforced with steel.

The windows are shatterproof and the materials have been treated for fade and cracking in regards to UV protection and finished with a stain-resistant coating, so it won’t ever need repainting. 

Skylights, corner shelves, tool hooks, and integrated venting are just a few of the premium features you have access to with the Lifetime 8 x 10 unit. 


8. Keter Newton Storage Shed

Keter Newton Storage Shed


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Size: 7.5 x 7 ft

Storage Capacity: 437 Cubic Ft

The smallest model of 3, the Newton storage shed from Keter in a mahogany brown color theme is a beautiful example of a backyard storage shed.

7.5 x 7, 7.5 x 9 and 7.5 x 11 are the 3 sizes available in this design and all carry the same benefits and materials as one and other. 

Our favorite feature on the Newton is the skylight, which allows more sunlight to enter than most other sheds, additionally it has multiple window panels on the front double doors. 

The window panels are much larger than usual too, with 4 panels as opposed to 6 or 8, it provides better visibility and a cleaner appearance. 

The mahogany color scheme blends incredibly well into any garden, especially if you have any shrubbery or tree line surrounding your yard.

Steel reinforced flooring, rust and rot-resistant materials, integrated vents and wood-like aesthetic are our favorite features on this storage shed. 


9. Keter Factor Storage Shed

Keter Factor Storage Shed


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Size: 8 x 6 ft

Storage Capacity: 285 Cubic Ft

The factor backyard shed from Keter is one of their most versatile storage sheds that comes in a huge range of sizes from 4×6 all the way up to 8×11, spanning over 6 different designs.

The common theme among most of the models is the large double doors and the cross window design. The double door is not used of course in the 4 x 6 model due to its compact design and size and it also seems the window hasn’t been integrated into the 6×3 model. However, all other models have at least 1 window present.

Let’s get down to the features, first off, it’s very easy to clean and maintain. Due to the polypropylene plastic material used, you can wipe without having to use expensive cleaning chemicals. That’s one benefit of a plastic model, they are definitely easier to clean and won’t rot or accumulate mold like some uncared for, wooden sheds.

Air vents are found in the roof which helps to keep a fair amount of circulation throughout the interior, preventing smells and odors building up. Shelf brackets are free with the shed however the shelves are a separate purchase, unfortunately. Likewise, the latch is lockable but doesn’t come with a lock, so a few extra pieces will need to be bought if you don’t already have them at home.

The same color theme of a neutral tone runs through all models, making it a safe option for most homes and doesn’t demand too much attention when setting up in the garden. Equally, it will never need painting and does a great job versus the elements, staying waterproof, UV resistant and peel resistant all year round.


10. Keter Manor Outdoor Storage Shed

Keter Manor Outdoor Storage Shed


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Size: 6 x 8 ft

Storage Capacity: 291 Cubic Ft

A robust plastic storage shed once again from Keter, the Manor is one of four models available in their outdoor storage unit product lines. 

The benefit of having a plastic shed over a wooden or metal one, is that it won’t peel or rust in extensive weathering, but obviously not as strong as a metal one. Plastic storage sheds preserve their appearance really well over the years as well, without fading or needing too much maintenance. 

At 291 cu ft storage space it’s a decent size and the floor weight capacity sits at 30 PSF and the roof at 15 PSF, making it strong enough to withstand snowfall without too much concern. 

Lighting is not included however there is a fixed window located on the side which will let a reasonable amount of natural light in, and the large double front doors will light up the interior when fully opened. 



Outdoor storage sheds are a great way to utilize the space that you already own, with a waterproof, stable and secure structure. Perfect for storing equipment and machinery that you have paid good money for. 

The plus about these is unlike a bricked shed or structure if you ever do need to up and move (it happens) you can disassemble it and have it delivered to the new address and set up again. For this simple reason, we would always go for one over a bricked model, no matter how long I thought I would stay a property.