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10 Best Oriole Bird Feeders for Orange and Jelly

10 Best Oriole Bird Feeders in Canada

Orioles are one of the most elusive and beautiful songbirds you can find.

They’re known for three things: bright and vibrant colors, having a notorious sweet tooth, and being incredibly difficult to attract.

That’s why you need the best oriole feeder on your side, they’re nearly impossible to attract unless you properly set the stage.

Unlike generic bird feeders that hold seeds, nuts, and corn, an oriole feeder is completely different.

Orioles love jelly and fruit, especially oranges and grape jelly. Nectar is another common food source for them, so you need an oriole feeder that allows you to easily provide these birds with the food they crave.

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Songbird Essentials SERUBFJF 6"x 8.3"x 10"Fruit and Jelly Oriole Feeder
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Birds Choice Flower Oriole Bird Feeder, Small, Orange
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Ultimate Oriole Feeder
Songbird Essentials SERUBFJF 6"x 8.3"x 10"Fruit and Jelly Oriole Feeder
Birds Choice Flower Oriole Bird Feeder, Small, Orange
Ultimate Oriole Feeder
Top Seller Online
Songbird Essentials SERUBFJF 6"x 8.3"x 10"Fruit and Jelly Oriole Feeder
Songbird Essentials SERUBFJF 6"x 8.3"x 10"Fruit and Jelly Oriole Feeder
Most Aesthetic Design
Birds Choice Flower Oriole Bird Feeder, Small, Orange
Birds Choice Flower Oriole Bird Feeder, Small, Orange
Most Feeding Areas
Ultimate Oriole Feeder
Ultimate Oriole Feeder

Since they love sugar-heavy foods, you often don’t want a feeder with a huge capacity.

You can justify this if you’re able to attract many orioles, but you don’t want the jelly, nectar, and fruit to rot.

You’ll notice that the best designs hold just enough food, which is ideal for most yards.

Orioles are very careful about choosing their feeding spots. You want the best feeder to ensure you see these bright orange, yellow, and black beauties.

They might be hard to attract, but you can raise the odds by choosing a feeder they’re sure to love.

10 Best Orange, Jelly and Nectar Oriole Feeders Reviewed

1. Amish-Made Oriole Bird Feeder

Amish-Made Oriole Bird Feeder

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This Amish-made oriole bird feeder is made from poly-wood that’s been recycled from used milk jugs. It has a traditional look that’s very charming and allows you to easily view them as they’re feeding. It all goes together with stainless steel screws and comes with a cable and ring to hang it anywhere.

A plastic dish has been included that you can fill with grape jelly. The whole piece has been painted bright orange to ensure maximum visibility. This is a lovely decoration and it only gets better as birds land and feast on the jelly.

If you’re looking for a durable bird feeder that’s been made with pride, then this is perfect. It’s a great decoration and has plenty of room for tasty jelly. Have it ready in minutes, but expect it to last for years and years.


  • Made from poly-wood, reclaimed from recycled milk jugs
  • Has a plastic cup for jelly
  • Painted orange to attract 


2. Birds Choice Oriole-Fest Songbird

Birds Choice Songbird feeder

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This is one of few models that offer a full buffet to orioles, spoilt rotten I know! There are troughs for oranges, nectars, and jelly. Most oriole feeders only accommodate one or two food sources, but it’s difficult to find a feeder for all three.

There are four perches, four jelly trays, a 12oz nectar capacity, and a hook for one orange half. You also get an 8oz pack of nectar to start you off. While made for orioles, you’ll find that hummingbirds are also attracted to this feeder. One thing you won’t have to worry about attracting is ants because there’s a built-in ant guard to keep them at bay.

Made from bright orange polycarbonate, this works wonders at attracting. It’s also easy to clean, fill, and it’s dishwasher safe. If you want the best oriole feeder that’s versatile, accommodates all their food sources, and protects against ants, then you should definitely consider this.


  • Trays for nectar, jelly, and an orange half
  • Attracts both hummingbirds and orioles while resisting ants
  • Bright orange to attract orioles


3. Heath Outdoor Products Clementine Oriole Feeder

Heath Outdoor Products Clementine Oriole Feeder

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The Heath Outdoor oriole feeder has a lightweight wire frame that hangs vertically. This allows orioles to easily hang on the metal while making it simple to view them as they feed. The frame is an orangish-gold color to attract these colorful birds.

There are pegs on one side for two orange halves. The other side holds a cup for nectar, grape jelly, or mealworms, depending on which food your particular orioles enjoy most. Using nectar may also attract hummingbirds. Made with a durable chain, this feeder can easily accommodate multiple birds without bending or breaking.

If you’re looking for a feeder that you can hang anywhere and that requires very little work, then this is perfect. Just fill the cup, put the orange halves on the pegs, and wait for the birds to swoop by.


  • Pegs for two orange halves and a cup for jelly, nectar, or mealworms
  • Orangish-gold metal color to attract orioles
  • Lightweight, wired frame can hold multiple birds at once


4. Songbird Essentials Ultimate Oriole Feeder

Birds Choice Oriole-Fest Songbird


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Here’s a large and versatile oriole feeder that allows you to accommodate all their food choices. With a 12” disc and multiple pegs and trays, you can fill this with lots of food. The built-in ant moat prevents ants from getting to the food. There are four perches, but the large size of the disc allows many more orioles to land on the feeder.

There are four large trays for either nectar or jelly. You can easily fill this feeder with a whole quart of nectar, which is sure to attract every oriole and hummingbird in the area. Four pegs are available for orange halves. The entire disc is a bright orange color so that it naturally attracts orioles. Once finished, you can easily clean the feeder.

Additionally, it includes a large disc that accommodates oranges, jelly, and nectar, then this is perfect. Large enough to fit many birds and the ant moat keeps pests at bay.


  • Capacity for a quart of nectar, jelly, and two oranges
  • Large 12” disc, bright orange to attract orioles
  • Built-in ant moat to prevent pests


5. Birds Choice Flower Oriole Bird Feeder

Birds Choice Flower Oriole Bird Feeder

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This is a simple oriole bird feeder that makes it easy to attract these colorful birds to your yard. The metal frame holds the feeder together and features two pegs for orange halves. You’ll see the metal twists at the top and forms a circle so that you can hang the feeder with ease. There’s also a flower pattern around the bottom edge of the feeder.

The 3oz cup is designed to hold jelly, which is an oriole’s favorite food. They absolutely love grape jelly and this is the perfect cup. You’ll notice the plastic cup has some ornamentation and is orange, which. Orioles are attracted to this color, furthering your chances of seeing one.

On top of that, the cup and feeder are easy to clean as needed. This might be a simple feeder, but it easily gets the job done and gives that beautiful species everything they’re looking for.


  • Metal frame and two pegs for orange halves
  • Has a 3oz plastic jelly cup
  • Easy to clean and maintain


6. Nature Products Oriole Feeder

Nature Products Oriole Feeder


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The Birds Choice 1009 has spaces for its favorite foods. There are four bays for jelly, a hook to skewer an orange half, and a 12oz nectar bay on the bottom with four access holes. Four feeding perches are included so many birds can feed at once.

Made from high-impact polycarbonate in an orange themed color, this feeder attracts orioles well and is highly durable. It’s UV stable to prevent discoloration and resists ants. On top of that, it’s freeze proof, dishwasher safe, and it attracts other colorful species like woodpeckers and hummingbirds.

If you’re looking for a model with multiple perches and an easy-clean material, this could be the one you need. 


  • Fits four jelly bays, 12oz of nectar and one orange half
  • Bright orange and UV stable to prevent discoloration
  • Strong polycarbonate body


7. Songbirds Essentials Orange Fruit Feeder

Songbirds Essentials Orange Fruit Feeder


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Here’s a simple choice that certainly gets the job done. The body is made from recycled orange plastic that is sure to attract orioles. There’s an aluminum perch on both sides and a hook to hold an orange half on each side.

This cute feeder looks great and can attract up to two birds at once. It’s made in the USA, uses thick recycled plastic, and is highly durable. It’s a simple but effective feeder to lure those elusive birds into your yard. 


  • Made from bright orange, recycled plastic
  • Aluminum perch that’s highly durable
  • Hooks for two orange halves


8. Perky-Pet Opus Plus Plastic Oriole Feeder

Perky-Pet Opus Plus Plastic Oriole Feeder

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The Perky-Pet Opus Plus is a large feeder that holds 32oz of either jelly or nectar. Nectar tends to flow a little easier with this feeder, but both are perfectly fine. You’ll find four feeding ports and each has an orange slice design to attract orioles. Speaking of orange, the entire feeder is this a bright orange to ensure orioles notice it.

There are four adjustable perches to accommodate orioles of all sizes. The base is made from plastic while the 32oz reservoir is clear shatter-proof glass, which allows you to monitor the amount of remaining liquid. Simply screw the top off, refill it, and let them feast.

Ideal if the birds in your area love jelly and nectar. With adjustable perches, a bright orange body, and a large capacity makes it a great choice for the bird enthusiast. 


  • Bright orange body and orange-shaped feeding ports
  • Holds 32oz of jelly or nectar
  • Adjustable perches for small and large birds


9. Amish 2-Place Oriole Feeder

Amish 2-Place Oriole Feeder

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This simple design has a wood-like texture despite being made from thick recycled plastic. You’ll have to put the pieces together, but it only requires some screws and a few minutes. There’s even a stainless-steel cable included so you can easily hang this from hook, bird feeder pole, or anywhere else.

There are 2 cups included that you can fill with jelly and two pegs for orange halves. This should be more than enough food for local orioles. This is a durable piece that can hold up to wind and weather damage, plus it only takes minutes to put together and hang.


  • Made from thick, durable recycled plastic
  • Four cups for jelly and two pegs for oranges
  • Uses stainless steel screws and cable


10. Green Solutions Oriole Feeder SNOF

Green Solutions Oriole Feeder SNOF

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Much like the last bird feeder, this is a recycled feeder that’s been built with pride and care. It has been made with poly-plastic from recycled milk jugs to ensure no environmental harm. Plus, the material is durable and great against the weather. It has a traditional aesthetic that’s quaint and works in any yard.

Stainless steel screws are included and there’s a steel cable to easily hang this from any hook or pole. A hole in the base allows you to set the plastic jelly cup. You’ll find that orioles flock here to get a taste of that sugary jelly they crave. This particular feeder is a brown and cedar color.

This functions as both a great decoration and a place to enjoy a tasty lunch.


  • Built from poly-wood that came from used milk jugs
  • Highly durable, roof keeps rain from collecting in the cup
  • Cup for jelly


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Keep Bees Away from Oriole Feeders?

There are several ways to prevent bees and wasps from eating the nectar and bothering orioles. Some people paint mineral oil around the nectar holes. Others rub a small amount of petroleum jelly or vegetable oil around the openings. Bees find these unattractive and they’ll often slip off the surface.

How to Make Nectar for Oriole Feeders?

This recipe for nectar works for both orioles and hummingbirds. You’ll want to combine four parts boiled water with one-part sugar. While it might seem tempting to add food coloring to make the nectar an appetizing orange color, it’s best if you avoid adding any extra ingredients. Birds are highly sensitive to additional ingredients and you may end up harming them by accident. To play it safe you can always order some online that has been premade safely with the right amounts of ingredients. 

When to Put Out an Oriole Feeder?

The best time is spring and late summer to early fall. Orioles are doing their best to pack on weight with sugary foods like jelly, fruit, and nectar. They use this feeding time to prepare for migration.


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