About Us

About Online Best

So who are Online Best?

And who are they to spread their opinions on all these products?

Friends, allow us to indulge you.

Originally this started as my own little side-hobby, I enjoyed reviewing and testing my own equipment, in my own broad array of hobbies. This stems from my days as a quality tester in the early stages of my career, so I’m used to this process when monitoring products, especially before considering buying.

But what became apparent, very quickly, was there was no real service or help for the average Joe for when they’re traversing 148 different models of vacuum cleaner, how on earth would you ever know?

(Unless being falsely influenced by some hyped up commercial, you know the ones)

Let’s Crunch Some Numbers.

More importantly, and the bigger drive for us making this site, is that according to an international census, we spend around 10 hours shopping a month. That is actually up from 2003 whereby it was 8 hours.

It’s no coincidence that the huge growth in online shopping has spawned a huge amount of new brands and product choices, thus increasing our online/shopping time.

If you look at that over a 10 year period for example, you’re looking at 50 days, 50 days! Just let that sink in, and that’s just an average.

Nobody wants to spend 2 months per decade on just shopping, when it’s not necessary, what if you had someone you could trust to point you in the right direction? Shaving weeks off that 50 day period.

Well this is basically our goal and the purpose of our site, to provide in-depth and thorough product reviews for online shoppers, vastly reducing their screen time.

So How Do You Do It?

So as I mentioned before, I have numerous experience as a quality checker, for which I was eventually part of training new recruits in how to analyse and critique detail, problem sourcing, comparative action etc.

We formed a team of competent and like-minded souls (and a few trusted friends), for those who shared the same goal with the site, and we got to work making an ‘Online Best Product Review Team’ to service the website.

We like to put the commercial advertisements to the test and see if its really all its hyped up to be, and deliver some informative and actionable content for our readers.

A lot of cross referencing details between similar products, brands and entities will be done. Testing, material consensus and price comparisons to convey value. We’ll do the preliminary and post checks to ensure a solid review for our readers.

Future Goals.

We plan to keep reviewing as much as possible, a lot of the team have families and jobs, but together we will make this a success and strive to create informative pieces that can stand the test of time.

New products and tech are being released more than ever before, you’re going to need some support to stop them prising open your wallets and purses, our aim is to be that barrier.


We consider ourselves a community more than anything so please take part and drop your comments, opinions and experiences below each post or product page, we would love to hear from you the reader. As we are doing this for you.

Work With Us.

We’re always on the lookout for new talent. Budding product review experts, and analytics pros are very welcome to apply to join our product review team. We look forward to hearing from you.